Welcome to Toska! Toska is a monthly, blues only, dance event. Our vision is to create a dance for the greater community based on inspiration, context and individual empowerment to teach and develop people’s understanding of Blues music and dancing. Toska will expose dancers to more styles of blues and ways of dancing expressively within the aesthetic.​ 
We meet monthly at The Savoy Ballroom at Curtis Park in Denver, Co.
Lesson(s) from 7-8, and and a dance from 8-Midnight or people go home. There is a Cash Bar from 8:30 to 11:30
We have discounts for out of town guests, arriving early, and taking the classes. There are ways to attend no matter your financial situation.
Upcoming Toska!
October 7st
November 18th (last Toska)


Deepen Knowledge 

Details about workshops, discussions, practicas, 

This month's Talent 

Read up on the musical talent/djs we have this month, any traveling instructors, and our organizors/hosts.

About our Values

We have some unique values and focuses if you are interested in reading abou them, check them out here!