What is Blues dancing?

Blues dancing is a family of dances that was done to Blues music by African Americans. The styles of dance range in tempos and look but they are all improvisonal, encourage dancing alone and being expressive.


Do I need a partner?

Although you are welcome to bring one, not having a partner is not only accepted but most dancers do not have one. We encourage you to ask and be asked by members of the community. We also suggest you try solo dancing. If that sounds frightening alone, ask another member to do it with you, it’s less intimidating that way.


What if I can’t afford to attend?

Contact toska.blues@gmail.com to discussion options


How do I ask people how to dance?

Anyone can ask another to dance. We also encourage you to ask anyone you would like to to lead or follow. Not only will it help improve your dancing, as you will understand both sides of the dance but you will meet more people and find different amazing things about both roles. If you are nevous feel free to use sign language to ask your partner to dance.


Please keep mind that while we encourage people to ask anyone to dance we also hope people will feel empowered enough to say “no, thank you” when they don’t wish to dance, including you! This “no” can be for an number of reasons.


What should I wear?

Well first let’s talk shoes. We suggest you wear shoes without some but little traction. Shoes with leather bottoms and/or suede work very well but new dancers will often wear shoes similar to keds also.


Some dancers enjoy dressing up you don’t have to.  Be aware you may sweat and may desire to bring a change of shirt/clothes. Clothes that breath tend to be better. Shorts are suggested under skirts and short tight skirts often shimmy up, so wear at your own risk.


Is there other etiquette for the dance?

Please be clean and considerate to others.

No aerials. This will be firmly enforced and you will be asked to leave. This is because it can create a community of people trying things they aren’t ready to do yet, or without proper safety. This puts all attendees at risk of injury.


Please send more questions to Toska.blues@gmail.com and we will get back to you and add more info to this page.