One of our major values for Toska is that people who attend out event want to get better by feeling inspired by other dancers of various level, skills and talent. We will be posting fun videos every so often that we find inspiring and highlight some additional value we hope to see in our new community. This video’s emphasis is on the value of solo dancing and owning your dance.


Although this video isn’t all solo, we love the playfulness and interaction between Dexter and Hidi. They both are equally great to watch as they craft unique but fun dances and play with the music. Together the craft a story that is simple but the way they move is captivating. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Black and White: Styles in Conflict
This is a book, slightly dated, about the difference between White and Black American culture. Skip the intro and read up on how each culture handle some aspects of life and why they conflict so often.
This book discusses the rise of black American dances tracing them from salvery through the 1980's. This is a quick read to give some background on how ssalvery and life in American shaped black venacular dances.
Steppin' on the Blues
This book traces certain movements, values and ideas from Africa and through the social shifts that occured over time. It is highly acedemic but a facinating read for the "whys" of black styles and movements through the ages.
Deep River
This book discusses blues music and ideas throught he lense of the harlem renaissance. 
Blues Legacies and Black Feminism
veiwing promentint blues women through the lense of feminism to explore their impact beyond just the music.
A brief history of Blues as a musical genre. Very quick read to full of interesting facts
A good blog by an international instructor.