Obsidian ( a new blackness and blues resource)

Hey Friends! This blog is a little different than normal. Actually I'm writing because I started a totally new project through being inspired by this blog. There is so much that has come out of us writing here and even more stuff I wish I could cover here more regularly. After months of considering it, I, Cierra, created a website called... Obsidian. It went live today and will dig WAY deeper than this blog ever had the space too. There are sections on blues, blackness and even an ask a black friend page. It's backed through patreon so I can supply you with ALL the information and resources you could ever want about these topics. By backing, it opens up WORLDS of possibilities for me, and tons of payton-only content. I know that much of the blues(and some swing) community is really interested in learning more about the dances and improving race relations. Education, to me, is a first step. This is the resource. Obsidian. There is already a little content and I really hope you check it out. Obsidian and the Patreon.

Thanks friends!!


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