Vartan is excited to share Blues dancing with the community. Although a recent member, Vartan falls passionately in love with hobbies until they turn into obessions. His obsession for the heart of blues, love of the community and great music drove him to Co organize this event with Cierra. He explores what it means to be alive, a man, and a dancer through this event, his dancing, competition, and his blog posts. A student of the blues he dives in to discover and understand as much as possible about blues culture. He also loves cats, Kanye,Taylor Swift, cheesecake, artistic movies and talking too much. Ask him to dance and with any questions about the event!


Cierra started dancing because a memory of dancing with his grandfather. Since that moment Cierra has chased after that feeling in the modern blues community. They strive to create opportunities in classes and at Toska for others to feel as she did. To explore the feeling of being truly valued, full expression, and the inter contentedness of humanity. To give that to others Cierra believes there are some values that will assist and he also believes in playing blues only as there is so much depth and soul to still be explored within this no grenre of music. You can find Cierra dancing, teaching, and djing at the event. Cierra hopes you ask them to dance and talk, and place any concerns with them.  


​MEET Lauren Faithful- President Support Staff

Lauren started social dancing with lindy hop in 2009. A few months later, someone led her in a slower, closer dance that didn't follow the familiar "step step triple step" pattern and she had to ask what just happened. She wouldn't get many formal lessons after that, but blues dancing slowly crept into her life until she began to realize it consumed the majority of her dance time (and a large amount of her music-listening and YouTube-watching as well). Lauren has been volunteering at local, weekly dances and larger workshops and exchanges almost since she started dancing. She loves the volunteer structure as it relieves pressure from organizers, makes the dance more affordable, and allows more people to get involved in the blues community.